A peek behind the curtain
Moving forward at the speed of plot!

4th of Winter, 698 PA

Having arrived back in town after a week-long excursion to the Northern Arissians, our intrepid heroes immediately set about checking on old business.

Inara’s baby hippogryph had hatched on the Winter Solstice, a day that had Kyleel oddly despondent. The tiny bird-horse turned out to be an adorable mottled gray-and-brown with heterochromia, a trait that gave it mismatched eye color with one silver and one gold.

Ivan went to check on his cabbage vendor friend, who was doing well having sold off nearly all of his fall harvest in market.

Jheran’s shadow contacts verified that Whitman Dragna, the treasurer of Romsey, was indeed involved in some sort of criminal activity. The contact provided a detailed account of Dragna’s daily routine.

With their chores done, the party reconvened at the Seventh Sanctum mage college, intending to debrief Denlarowyse Deschariel, the arch-mage’s daughter and the patron of their most recent mission.

However, the half-elf wizard was acting very strange when the party visited her office. Once it became obvious that she did not recognize any of them, the party immediately and forcefully detained her.

An interrogation of high comedic value later, Inara decided to try casting Dispel Magic. It was a good guess, as Denlarowyse was nowfree of whatever mind-altering magic had been plaguing her. Unfortunately, her memory still had some gaps in it.

The party decided to (will finish later)

Memory of a Harbinger
Thol's Monologue

The ambient light in the room dims to a candle’s brightness. The world seems to fall away beneath your feet.

“My birth name was Nurok. I hail from Genzik, birthplace of the mightiest of warriors and ancestral home of leaders.

Like my peers, I, too, was mighty. But we lacked an enemy to test our mettle. I did not have the means to prove my might. I wanted to shape the future of our world. I wanted to become a legend.

I endeavored to bring glory to our people. My power grew. In time, I became Harbinger Thol. The youngest Harbinger in generations.

[An image appears in the observatory above, it’s an awards ceremony. Thol is receiving his Harbinger’s Cloak. (A Cloak of Protection)Then the image changes to a young hobgoblin man in a fortress tower, surveying his troops, thousands of men]

But command was not enough. I wanted personal glory. It was not enough for them to remember my legions. My might would be legend. I would do what no other could. I would sate the Valley of Blood.

[ominous whispering and the sounds of fighting as the image changes to a battle between armed humans and unarmored hobgoblins, corpses of hobgoblins, rock walls bleeding, a stone monument of gargantuan proportions, an armored human fleeing on horseback]

And so I claimed the spirit of Hemedios. The Dread God of Blood obeyed my whims.

He also craved power. He knew that obscurity would not suffice. He remembers others. We will take their strength.
[Another stone monolith in the woods. This time, broken. The sounds of a beating heart. Thol holds a deep green crystal heart. The red nimbus of power surrounding him eats the heart.]

Hemedios remembers now. He remembers how they dragged him, screaming, through the Gate. How they sundered his form. His Spirit seeks his Heart.

But now we will deceive them. Their own kin will obey me. They will show us where. They will show us how.

[A campfire on the Baldosian plains. Thol places a chess piece into the palm of a human man. Alakazam’s younger face is clearly remorseful, as he nods and sadly accepts the chess piece.]

Now I know where they locked away Hemedios’ heart. The chains will be severed, the anchors must be disrupted. It will take time. We will acquire allies. The Spirit seeks the Heart.

[The hooded hobgoblin makes a deal with a woman in a shadowy, withered grove. She has deep green hair and a wicked look in her eye. She hands him a small pouch, as horrible shadowy creatures emerge from the darkness surrounding her]

They had enemies already. Their hatred is old, and easily exploited. The chains will be broken soon, and the anchor revealed. The spirit seeks the heart.
[Then Hemedios’ spirit clashes with a spirit of yellow-white light. A mighty tree withers far in the distance. The bright spirit fades as Anschiel falls.

Then Thol is on the island with the shadowy portal. The tree you knew before is not there. The sound of a beating heart fills your ears as Thol’s image clutches his chest. He draws a single seed from the pouch, and plants it with an infusion of dark magic.]

Events are set in motion. The Spirit seeks the heart. We know where it is. They were smart in defending their anchors. We cannot claim it ourselves, we must become stronger yet again.
[Thol shakes the hand of a brutish orc in a snowy landscape. The Orc’s tribesmen surround them. Thol slides a dagger across the throat of a squirming, helpless Gnome. He hands the dagger to the orc leader.]

Worthless! All of them. That spirit was gone. We must find another way.
[The same orc from before, now with a horrible burn scar covering his eye. Thol shouts in rage, decimating a group of the head orc’s followers with a firestorm. The rest come to heel, as Thol looks upon them with anger.]

The keepers will be unwilling, but even the Fey can be manipulated.
[Thol is in an elegant marble building. Birds chirp outside, and you can smell lavender. You can see Theodruin Mistweaver weeping openly. Thol releases an elven woman into the Fey man’s arms. He hugs her with relief in his face]

Where is it?! We cannot see it! It is free, but we cannot find it. The Spirit seeks the Heart. Another must have it. Hemedios’ kin could be hiding it. We will find my Heart.

The stars will know. Noctrean has a long memory. We will find it. My spirit grows hungry. Hemedios cares naught for caution. My Spirit Seeks the Heart.

[Thol enters the gates of a stone monastery. A pair of bleeding corpses lie outside the large gates. A rough sea with steep cliff banks lies in the background between the cliffs.]

I cannot find it. The stars showed how close I am. The Spirit Seeks the Heart. The local creatures obeyed my whims as the heart neared. It was so very close. My spirit seeks the heart.

I will find it in the North. Noctrean cannot forget. He will reveal them all to me. I will find it.

My spirit seeks my heart.

[The ambient light is restored, you are all here in the observatory in the wake of your battle]

Whispers: “And now, I am whole”

Thar be goblins in the town!

Ivan here,

After a long day of controlling the hippogryphs, we spent some time back in the Inn. We had some drinks but I wasn’t feeling social. Since this

Hippogryphs gone mad!
Attack on Romsey

Ivan here,

  • Back to town
  • Turned in girl
  • rested at inn
  • Night time struck and Hippogryphs went wild
  • Town guards netted a few and we recognized some sort of “magic” cast on them
  • Goal to go atop the plateau and see the root of the problem
  • goes into tunnel, fights shades and goblins? that are essentially in town
  • goes through tunnel and Inara bear smashes through a door
  • we go up a hand crank lift
  • we meet the elevator Wench
  • I throw explosives at Kyleel cause why not
  • goblins are teamed up with hippogryphs
  • Jheran does some BA stuff and blows up a building… I don’t believe em still
  • we go into the building with the sky tower.
  • crazy guy in there with a _______
  • we fight some _________
  • we get away with a hippogryph egg and all the other hippogryphs calm down
Flayleaf Bandits
"I take a hit!"

The 75th of Fall

The party explored much of Romsey, finding landmarks such as the Waterfall of Heaven (inn & tavern), the Golden Goose (also a tavern), the unreasonably steep Highborne District taxes, a handful of herb shops, plenty of market stalls, and the mage’s college known as the Seventh Circle.

With the winnings from the market square gladiator fight, the party could afford to visit the Highborne District. They went to the Seventh Circle, a sprawling college campus with all sorts of magically inclined students. Proctor Gravehand was appointed as their guide, who was just having none of it. After investigating several leads, the party finally went to Jane’s Merry Emporium, where they found Ivan disguised as Sylvester.

Finally reunited, the party went north of town for half a day until they found the scouts for a bandit camp. Keen eyes from the lead party members allowed them to get the drop on their would-be ambushers. They apprehended and interrogated the scouts for information on the camp ahead and formulated a plan.

On to further entries. Just an FYI to any players reading, you guys can write and edit these too!

-Okay okay, so Ivan here… After interrogation happened, the team decided it would be best to attack this camp where we assumed was the hub of the fayleaf bandits.Upon approaching the camp we had intel that there was anywhere between 5 and 15 bandits. We devised a plan to get ourselves in deep and cut the head off the snake. I cast invisibility on myself with my newly honed twinning magic, I also cast it on my buddy Jheran. The plan was to escort our addicted clients, Kyleel and Sorra, into the main structure and once we were there, ambush the leaders. Inara doing her voodoo magic stuff shapeshifted into a frog and was within Kyleel’s clothing. Roth being as sneaky as he can be as an ork, walked around the perimeter out of line of sight and hopped into a tree. Hopefully he could join us upon initiation. However not everything went according to plan. Once we made it to the front gates, they were greeted by the entry guards. We easily could have taken them but without notifying the rest of the guards, unlikely. The guards had our two addicts disarm their weapons so that they opposed no threat. Weird that the guards weren’t triggered by two random people coming up armed… Anyways, Jheran was able to snag Sorra’s staff and spellbook and stash them away on his body. Turns out, her belongs disappeared once he stashed them under his cloak. This may be helpful to me later on when I’m more proficient and honed on my magic sorcery. The two ladies were then escorted to the front door of a massive tent. They then stepped inside and disappeared. Jheran and I were both outside not wanting to enter by revealing the entry way moving. From then on we were in the dark and waiting on ‘the signal’. Later it was revealed to us that Kyleel wanted to blend in and play her role so she actually took a hit of Fayleaf. Once the trap was sprung, Roth dropped inside the walls from a tree, Jheran threw out spiked traps in the entryway of the tent and we slipped in for battle. It was a quick little skirmish, they took down the leaders and released the elf lady we had gone there for. In the process, we also managed to snag a large stash of Fayleaf which we may or may not be using for spare money later. After no more than a 20 minute mission inside the camp, we destroyed everything and I managed to create an interesting looking metal thing. It was very hard and NOT nice to me. It grabbed my arm after it was shoved in a fire…. Scorched me pretty good but I’ll be alright. We began to return to town while carrying not one passed out drug induced person… but two, silly Kyleel. In our return path, we went a little out of our way to go back to the scouts who revealed the location of the camp to us. When we got to the trees… one of them was completely torn to shreds. His rib cage was pulled outwards with all his flesh and organs just hanging out. Upon closer investigating, we noticed his heart was missing and found a few blue feathers laying aside. I have a hunch I’ve seen one of these before but I’ll keep one on me and research some more when we return to town.-
Over the river and through the woods
The search for Ivan

Some day of … fall?

The party emerged from the shadowed portal in the mysterious Fey grove one by one.

While marching through the darkness, all of them experienced the same series of sensations in unison. Those sensations were:

-The sound of a baby crying in the distance

-The sound of a tree branch snapping, followed by the sensation of falling

-Cramps in the shoulders and neck, as if stooping for hours on end, as well as rough callouses on the fingertips

-Full blown physical exhaustion, as well as a deep splintering pain on the knuckles

-Intense stress headaches behind the eyes, as well as a deep mental and emotional exhaustion

Eventually, they all emerged from the portal to the misty fey grove. Ivan was nowhere to be seen, along with the strange heart-shaped relic the party had plucked from the demi-plane.

They searched for a time in a vain attempt to locate Ivan, but eventually wandered back to the nearby Hamelin, where they discovered it was actually:

The 73rd day of Fall

The party conversed with Alin the Carpenter, who had been appointed the new Mayor of Hamelin after the previous mayor, Cain Trailwind, had disappeared upon learning of his son’s death.

Ivan had also written the party a pair of letters requesting help in Romsey. The party resupplied a bit and set out on the two day hike to Romsey, during which a bear managed to steal some food from the unwatched equipment at night. It was likely just bulking up for hibernation that winter.

The party eventually arrived in Romsey on the

75th day of Fall

and unfortunately fell victim to the steep gate taxes at Romsey’s walls (1gp per person for entry to the city).

Something something gladiator fight

something something got some gold

i’ll finish later

Adventure 3
The Fey Grove

6th day of Fall, P.A. 698

The afternoon after spelunking the cave of a forgotten Illyrican Champion, the party followed a lead concerning the whereabouts of Al-a Kazam, the wizard that mentored Sorra.

The party discovered that the stone chess piece on the mantle of the deserted cabin was actually the Lexicon of Al-a Kazam. It projected an image of the wizard which then announced a preprogrammed message. It was discovered that this was actually a database of knowledge stored for Sorra’s perusal. It informed her of a pestilence on the island in the Thisa River.

Realizing that this pestilence posed a serious threat to the citizens of Hamelin, the party decided to press further into the enchanted woods on this island. They found a crater-like depression filled with knee-high water. At the center of the water was a single large tree of ancient braided wood and a single 10′×10′ island.

A lone housecat sat meowing for help. Inara dove in without a second thought. The cat looked at her strangely when she arrived on the island, repeating the same “help” meow, but as if it were a question.

Sensing danger, Inara attempted to retreat, but was snared by the animated water plants at the bottom of the shallow pond. Huge vines arose from the water and consumed the now limp cat marionette. A shambling mound now stood on the island, which slammed its huge vine arms onto the helpless druid.

A tough fight broke out against the lone monster. Ivan discovered the creatures resistance to both fire and frost the hard way. He also discovered its immunity and ability to outright absorb lightning the hard way. He also turned into a potted plant for a few seconds.

Roth attempted to get the creature’s attention, but he and his hedgetrimmer of a weapon were largely ignored by the fey monster.

Kyleel was part time medic and full time brawler, delivering several solid strikes to the shambler.

Sorra exhausted nearly all of her combat spells, dealing reliable damage as always.

Jheran tried his hand at monster rodeo. It worked for a time, as he hacked and slashed away at some of the thinner and softer vines on the monster’s interior. The shambler eventually decided it had had enough of that. It inverted its posture in a way that made Jheran’s position on its back become the Jheran-shaped target on its chest.

Eventually the party vanquished the creature, but had exhausted nearly all of their combat resources in the process.

Taking a breather, the party picked some of the delicious narbfruit hanging from the ancient tree. Ivan mentioned that his people had a variety of the strange fruit up north, but it was berry sized and called a plappernapple. The taste of the fruit is notable for adjusting to the tastebuds and generally having a pleasing flavor for everybody. The group ate their fill of the odd-tasting fruit, and turned their sights on the shadowy opening in the tree.

Inara stepped in first, but when she didn’t return or respond, the party began to get worried. Ivan sent Grugg in after her as a scout, but his telepathic connection with his familiar was severed entirely. Another test with a party member on a rope later, and the party decided to abandon caution.

The entire group of six eventually ventured forward into the tree.

They emerged at the end of a bridge entangled by tree roots and other plant life. The area beyond the bridge and to either side were shrouded by a dense mist. Even the lighting of this place was hard to decipher, with no visible sun behind the overcast clouds. On the far end of the bridge sat an orb that pulsed with a red light.

One of the stranger things about this shadowy portal was the fact that the party did not emerge in the same order they went in. In fact, Kyleel came through the portal several minutes after the rest of the group.

Before the group could travel down the bridge to investigate the red orb, they were interrupted by Theodruin Mistweaver applauding them from beyond the mists. He introduced himself and his companions, the Mist Heralds. They thanked the party for cleansing the grove of the pestilence and welcomed them to take anything in this domain that they saw. He very ominously told Kyleel that they’d “catch up later”. The Mist Heralds departed on the hand of a massive creature that had been hidden in the mists that could move completely silently.

Jheran and Inara discovered that some sort of fluttering silver light was protecting the bridge in the mists. Theodruin called it the “Silver Wind”. Ivan and Roth eventually braved the bridge and sustained many small nicks and cuts along the way, taking a fairly significant amount of damage.

They finally seized the orb, which seemed to be some kind of crystalline heart. After they took it from the position where it was floating, the plant life holding up the bridge began to wither and die. The ancient marble bridge began to fall into the endless mists as the plants matter could not hold its weight.

While retreating, Kyleel found an object in the dirt. She was notably distraught by her findings, to the point that she stood her ground as the world literally fell away before her. Inara had to physically pull Kyleel back through the portal as the party retreated.

Treading through the total darkness of the portal, a faint sound could be heard. It sounded a bit like a baby crying.

Adventure 1, Part 2
A "Cohesive" "Adventuring" "Party" is Born

6th Day of Fall, P.A. 698

Spelunking deeper into the old tomb on the banks of the Thisa River, our heroes heard the call of a halfling further into the darkness.

Thoroughly exploring their options, the group ventured into the side passage where Roth made the mistake of stepping into an open portion of ground. The broad flagstones beneath his feet gave way and fell into a 20 ft. deep pit. He was spared any wounds from falling by the giant spider’s web suspended beneath the crumbled floor.

The party attacked the spider in retaliation after it sank its fangs into Roth’s shoulder. In the barrage of attacks, Ivan let lose a sling bullet. He miscalculated the shot but adjusted the stone’s flight with a strange purple magic. Something about his magic trick sparked an intense fear in his mind. His face went pale and he let out a fearful yelp as he turned around and ran back to the main antechamber of the tomb.

Inara helped Roth — and the thick spider fangs embedded in his shoulder — out of the hole. Pushing onward, the group discovered some old decaying wooden lockers in the small room beyond. Jheran deftly opened the old locks to reveal a small trove of trinkets and loose coins. The Brave Stalwart Heroes™ gladly pocketed all of it.

Returning to the main chamber, they found a table inscribed with Elven script, an odd thing in this part of the world. It read:

“Four honest folks sat down to play.
They played all night ’til break of day.
They played for gold and not for fun,
With separate scores for everyone.
When it came time to square accounts,
All four had made quite fair amounts.

Can one of you explain away,
If no one lost, what did they play?"

After much puzzling, Sorra remembered that she’d heard this riddle spoken once by bards.

Music! Of course it’s music!

The pedestals surrounding the table lit up with magic at the mention of music, and the sleeping giant centipedes woke and attacked. A few squashed bugs later, and the group addressed the magically lit inscriptions on the walls that read “F-A-C-E”.

Jheran tried the strange whistle they found earlier. It turned out to be the key. The right pitches at the right time was the correct way to open the path forward.

Pressing onward, they found a sarcophagus at the end of the tomb where a pair of statues flanked the walkway. There was some hesitation about the statues, but they turned out to be harmless. After opening the sarcophagus, the party found a tunnel dug through the floor and into a large cavern space where thousands of rats made their homes.

A madman dressed in tattered rags and adorned with strange ceremonial objects lit a fire at the far end of the cave. A young dwarven boy lay on the ground holding his stomach in pain, and a halfling boy stood nearby, a blank expression on his face.

Anno confirmed that the halfling boy was his son, Taran. A fight ensued, and the heroes valiantly slew several giant rats. During the fight, the poor dwarven boy turned into a giant rat and attacked Jheran. The monk ended the boy’s misery with a sai to the throat.

Ivan’s random magical fluctuations reared their head again in a stunning show of force. He vaporized three rats and brought the ragged man with the pipes to his knees in a single burst of blindingly powerful lightning. One more chromatic orb sealed the man’s fate, pinning him to the cavern wall in a hail of thorns.

He expired after saying “I was only trying to protect them”.

The rats’ fury subsided as battle ended. Anno checked on his son, who was still dazed and confused by the enchantment clouding his mind.

A hideous laugh echoed through the chamber.

It was the dead man pinned to the wall. His head snapped to attention as he began to peel off of the cavern wall, pulling Ivan’s thorns completely through his limbs. With a mad look in his eyes he began to morph, hunching his posture as his bones cracked and changed shape. His face pulled out into a rat-like muzzle, his hands grew vicious claws, and his feet sprang through his worn boots into paw-like pads. A wormy rat’s tail sprang from his back. Powerful muscles bulged through the man’s ragged clothing, filling out with a sickly grey fur.

The rat-man swatted Taran aside and mortally wounded Anno in a single swipe, then charged forward with his gaze set on his would-be killer, Ivan.

Roth’s normally deadly glaive seemed to bounce off of the wererat’s skin, revealing its resistance to mundane weapons. One of Kyleel’s arrows clattered at the monster’s feat, reinforcing this discovery.

Sorra landed a magic missile, which definitely wounded the wererat. Unfortunately, it also infuriated him. His gaze shifted from one spellcaster to another, zeroing in on the poor Baldosian noble. One flurry of claws later and Sorra was down.

The party realized that magic was the way to defeat him, so they quickly began using the magical weapons found in the cavern. Kyleel infused her arrows with any magic energy she could muster, and Jheran used the enchanted dagger from Sorra’s belt.

Ivan, sure that he could defeat this man twice with the same tactic, attempted to end it with another Chromatic Orb. Unfortunately, his chaotic magic backfired this time, filling his mouth with strange foaming purple bubbles and fizzling his spell.

The blind fury of the wererat filled the gnome’s vision. Fortunately, the monster collapsed at his feet, a trail of intestines reaching back several feet to the dagger clutched in Jheran’s hands.

Inara healed Anna with her druidic magic, bringing him back from the brink of death. In thanks for saving his son, Anno gifted the party with a magical ring of undisclosed power.

After regrouping in town, Inara unceremoniously informed the mayor that his only son was dead at the rat-man’s hands.

Anno offered to travel with him westward towards his caravan.

However, the group decided to investigate a lead that suggested Sorra’s teacher’s whereabouts. Al-a Ka’zam had left a note for her with a map of the Thisa River that was ornamented with a doodle of a willow tree and a doodle of a house on the river.

Ivan, who had extensive practice with making and deciphering maps, managed to figure out exactly where to go.

The party arrived at a large natural island that jutted up out of the mile wide river. The island was at the same elevation as the rest of the dry land, several hundred feet above the fast moving water. The large island was overgrown with vegetation. The thick trees near the edges of the island had grown roots that reached across the chasm above the water and connected with the mainland towards Hamelin.

The party navigated their way across the thick and sturdy roots suspended in the air and onto the island. Amidst the grove of trees they found a quaint, overgrown cottage. Ivan sent his familiar Grugg on ahead. He reported seeing a cozy scene of a fully furnished room inside the cottage.

When the party opened the door, they were surprised to see that the interior of the cottage was long abandoned and overgrown. Dust covered all of the furniture, most of which was rotten. Vines grew up the walls and into every crack in the ceiling. The fireplace was still lit somehow. On one side of the room was a nightstand, strangely untouched by the nature that was claiming the rest of the house. A lizard-like creature the size of a large dog in the center of the room woke from its nap and lazily looked towards the invaders.

On the nightstand was a single stone chess piece.
Then a tree sprang to life outside and attacked the whole group. The party was set upon by two smaller lizard creatures outside with shimmering butterfly wings.

Perhaps unwisely, the group split their attentions. Sorra and Ivan took the lizard in the cottage, Kyleel and Roth struggled with the animated tree, while Inara and Jheran tried to attack the smaller flying creatures outside.

Jheran was blinded and stunned by the coordinated efforts of the tiny creatures outside, which darted in and out of reach and out of sight using strange illusory magic.

Roth delivered a massive attack on the tree that would have lopped limbs off of a normal tree. Kyleel’s bow was ineffective, but her newly acquired magical rapier was perfectly capable.

The basilisk indoors tried to petrify Ivan with its gaze, but was unable to get a grip on his eyes. Ivan was forced to resort to his sling after filling his mouth with foaming purple bubbles again.

Once Kyleel somehow stabbed a tree to death, the party was able to concentrate on the remaining threats, vanquishing the basilisk and flying lizard creatures.

In the lull that followed, Sorra grabbed the lonely chess piece on the nightstand. A magical ghostly image of her mentor appeared next to her.

“Sorra. The cabal is after me. You must run. Now.”

Adventure 1, Part 1
The Meeting

5th day of Fall, P.A. 698

We began in Inara’s tree on the outskirts of Hamelin. Kyleel was there, bringing soup to the druid in the rain. Roth and Sorra arrived on the southern fringes of town while Ivan and Jheran came from the west.

A rainsoaked halfling fell at the base of Inara’s tree, out of breath and with fear in his eyes. He was pursued by four very large (very hungry) wolves. Inara and Kyleel were hesitant to help the poor man that was clearly in mortal danger, but eventually allowed him to take shelter in their tree.

Unfortunately, the wolves turned in unison, as if their movements were choreographed. They charged the other travelers that were approaching the clearing. The elven women finally decided to help the travelers, firing upon the wolves from the high ground of their tree.

Jheran nobly held the wolves away from his diminutive traveling companion, but the large creatures were possessed with an unnatural vigor. They lunged at the capable monk and disabled his hand, throwing him to the ground.

The wolves seemed to be afflicted by something that had replaced their tongues with fibrous vines and their teeth with wooden thorns. The insidious plant material was growing out of their noses and ears as well.

Roth the half-orc closed in on the wolves while Sorra laid into them with bolts of fire. Inara and Kyleel finally chose to attack the wolves, deciding that the beasts weren’t in their right minds. Inara’s magic seized the wolves with grasping vines of druidic power while Kyleel laid into them from afar.

While discussing what had happened to the Halfling and his missing son, strange creatures sprung up from the corpses of the ravenous wolves, and a huge dire wolf charged into the clearing, ridden by one of these tiny creatures made of sticks and leaves and mud.

After vanquishing the last of the wolves and odd little giggling creatures, Anno helped revive the downed Inara with his only healing potion.

The group decided to stick together over some tavern shenanigans involving a very drunk elf and a very sober orc.

6th Day of Fall

The group set out at dawn, heading east for several miles. Anno led for a short while before Kyleel pushed ahead and showed off her skills as a ranger. She found every little deerpath and hidden clearing through the dense forest, making travel considerably easier than if any of the party was traveling without her.

Upon arriving, the group realized that the entrance to this tomb was along the face of a nearly vertical cliff rising up out of the fast waters of the mighty Thisa River.

(Like this, but add a couple hundred feet).

The group forged ahead, across a narrow chasm overgrown with ferns and rough cliffside vegetation. One by one, they proceeded to make it across until Sorra fell through the brambles, seemingly to her doom. Fortunately, a thick and sturdy safety net had been constructed on this cliff below the weak part of the pathway. Iron spikes driven into the cliff suspended a thick weave of nautical ropes that caught Sorra.

Pushing into the darkness of the old tomb, the group encountered a handful of tiny elemental creatures made of dust and mud. They were little more than a speed bump for the capable travelers.

Character Creation Timeline

Work in Progress:

  • The city-states of Almorath are founded- First Yo’Sheran, then Tostranis, then Baldosia
  • First Hobgoblin conflict, usually skirmishes with Baldosian warbands
  • Orcs sack Yo’sheran, igniting elven hatred that has lasted for generations
  • Tostranis loses its first major exploration fleet to the Endless Reefs
  • Baldosia defeats the Hobgoblins after centuries of prolonged conflict, driving them back into the Miranar Forest
  • Yo’sheran sacked by orcs. Elves militarize.
  • Yo’sheran Elves prove themselves militarily, driving off the orcs and attempting to conquer new lands.
  • Tostranis and Yo’sheran make contact, establishing trade routes that still exist today
  • Baldosia’s borders reach their current size, from the Bralda Sea to the Southern Arrisians. They set their sights on the west, towards Tostranis.
  • Tostranis and Baldosia disagree on the ownership of groves of Manurbal-gulad, or Irontrees. Both want them for ships.
  • Disagreements between Tostranis and Baldosia end in violence, some scholars believe the Fey were to blame for the bloodshed. Tensions escalate even further.
  • Tostrani merchants bribe and influence top Baldosian officials into inaction, giving the dwarves an edge in the Irontree conflict. Tostrani income is nearly guaranteed from trade along the North Roads.
  • P.A. 1: The King of Baldosia names himself the Illyrican Emperor, dusting off the mantle of a long-forgotten birthright. He elevates his favored generals and those loyal to him, declaring their imperial sovereignty and reinforcing his rule over Baldosia.
  • P.A. 3: Open conflict between Tostranis and the fledgling Empire begins. The Tostrani fortify their borders and begin building their own vessels behind enemy lines through the Miranar Forest. Their hidden privateer fleet harasses Illyrican naval resources and significantly hamper imperial resources.
  • P.A. 8: Baldosia/Illyrica turn their sights on the next best resource, the Elves near the Mordet Wastes..
  • P.A. 8: The Elves put up a bloody resistance, but it is quelled quickly by the Illyricans. To ensure no further riots impede progress, the Empire instates writs of servitude— legal slavery.
  • P.A. 10: With Yo’sheran, now Hammercross, under control, the Illyricans march on Tostranis. Full fledged war begins and lasts years.
  • P.A. 0-20: The Awakening is believed to have occurred around this time.
  • P.A. 66: Tostranis is eventually seized after a prolonged and bloody war that lasts years.
  • P.A. 122: War of Chains begins and ends, with casualties on each side at a scale never seen before.
  • P.A. 124: Sanctions against necromancy and mind manipulation are created. Both are heavily policed.
  • P.A. 124-698: Extended era of peace, only minor conflicts. “Minor” conflicts…
  • P.A. 698 – Current year.

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