Welcome to Almorath

Before the Awakening, nations waged war with mount and blade. Magic was known to be unreachable for mortals and was only wielded by myths and legends. Almorath was a huge, dangerous world filled with fantastical monsters that were feared and respected.

The mighty human kingdom of Baldosia dominated the plains of southern Almorath. The perilous cliffs of the Kazag Sea were home to the mighty merchant nation of Tostranis, its seafaring dwarves seizing their fortunes from the sea. Yo’sheran, ancestral home of the elves, was a shining jewel on the edge of the Mordet Wastes, its people rugged and spiritual while surrounded by sand and orcs.

The enchanted forests of the Fey were considered old wives’ tales, but were avoided all the same. Devils and Demons existed mostly in the imagination. Dragons and sea monsters were obviously a myth that only fools believed. The mortal nations of Humans, Elves, and Dwarves were solitary for centuries, but eventually united under one banner:

The Illyrican Empire — the largest civilization in history — is currently in the midst of its longest stretch of peace and prosperity. From its humble roots in the plains of Baldosia, the Empire stretches from the Kazag Sea in the West to the Mordet Wastes in the East. Its influence sweeps from the impossibly tall mountains of the Northern Arrisians down to the vast and commanding presence of the Bralda Sea.

The Illyrican Empire was born out of a resource conflict, but it cemented its authority over the world by necessity. At nearly the same time as the founding of the empire, another world-shaping event occurred. The Awakening, simply put, was the birth of magic in the world.

700 years ago, at the beginning of our modern calendar, the world’s first magic users were born to mortal mothers. The Primal Gods were credited with the miracle of the Awakening, and Illyrican faiths reflect that. The congregations of Yozin, Kazranar, and Iznea revere the aspects of Earth, Sea, and Sky, respectively.

Several wars and magical conflicts have occurred in the centuries since the Awakening, which have shaped the Illyrican peoples and their cultures. Nowadays, the empire knows that the Fey actually will enchant your mind, or that the summoning of demons could have catastrophic results. Dragon sightings have been verified and documented on the fringes of society. Expeditions into the Great Seas have met tragic ends in the maws of unfathomably large beasts. Magic and religion have become subjects of study in academia as well as warfare.

The year is P.A. 698, and the Empire is coming up on its 700th anniversary. The Orcs in the boreal swamps have become restless again. Rumors state that the ancestral enemies of Baldosia, the Hobgoblins, have mobilized in the Miranar Forest. Even the mysterious Fey seem restless and on the move.

Oh man, this is gonna be fun.

Fair warning from the beginning, I get really long-winded about stuff. You may have noticed already. I won’t be offended if you only skim some backstory stuff and then ask for clarifying questions when sessions start.

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Anyways, let’s make some characters.

Character Creation part one


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