A peek behind the curtain

Moving forward at the speed of plot!

4th of Winter, 698 PA

Having arrived back in town after a week-long excursion to the Northern Arissians, our intrepid heroes immediately set about checking on old business.

Inara’s baby hippogryph had hatched on the Winter Solstice, a day that had Kyleel oddly despondent. The tiny bird-horse turned out to be an adorable mottled gray-and-brown with heterochromia, a trait that gave it mismatched eye color with one silver and one gold.

Ivan went to check on his cabbage vendor friend, who was doing well having sold off nearly all of his fall harvest in market.

Jheran’s shadow contacts verified that Whitman Dragna, the treasurer of Romsey, was indeed involved in some sort of criminal activity. The contact provided a detailed account of Dragna’s daily routine.

With their chores done, the party reconvened at the Seventh Sanctum mage college, intending to debrief Denlarowyse Deschariel, the arch-mage’s daughter and the patron of their most recent mission.

However, the half-elf wizard was acting very strange when the party visited her office. Once it became obvious that she did not recognize any of them, the party immediately and forcefully detained her.

An interrogation of high comedic value later, Inara decided to try casting Dispel Magic. It was a good guess, as Denlarowyse was nowfree of whatever mind-altering magic had been plaguing her. Unfortunately, her memory still had some gaps in it.

The party decided to (will finish later)



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