Character Creation Timeline

Work in Progress:

  • The city-states of Almorath are founded- First Yo’Sheran, then Tostranis, then Baldosia
  • First Hobgoblin conflict, usually skirmishes with Baldosian warbands
  • Orcs sack Yo’sheran, igniting elven hatred that has lasted for generations
  • Tostranis loses its first major exploration fleet to the Endless Reefs
  • Baldosia defeats the Hobgoblins after centuries of prolonged conflict, driving them back into the Miranar Forest
  • Yo’sheran sacked by orcs. Elves militarize.
  • Yo’sheran Elves prove themselves militarily, driving off the orcs and attempting to conquer new lands.
  • Tostranis and Yo’sheran make contact, establishing trade routes that still exist today
  • Baldosia’s borders reach their current size, from the Bralda Sea to the Southern Arrisians. They set their sights on the west, towards Tostranis.
  • Tostranis and Baldosia disagree on the ownership of groves of Manurbal-gulad, or Irontrees. Both want them for ships.
  • Disagreements between Tostranis and Baldosia end in violence, some scholars believe the Fey were to blame for the bloodshed. Tensions escalate even further.
  • Tostrani merchants bribe and influence top Baldosian officials into inaction, giving the dwarves an edge in the Irontree conflict. Tostrani income is nearly guaranteed from trade along the North Roads.
  • P.A. 1: The King of Baldosia names himself the Illyrican Emperor, dusting off the mantle of a long-forgotten birthright. He elevates his favored generals and those loyal to him, declaring their imperial sovereignty and reinforcing his rule over Baldosia.
  • P.A. 3: Open conflict between Tostranis and the fledgling Empire begins. The Tostrani fortify their borders and begin building their own vessels behind enemy lines through the Miranar Forest. Their hidden privateer fleet harasses Illyrican naval resources and significantly hamper imperial resources.
  • P.A. 8: Baldosia/Illyrica turn their sights on the next best resource, the Elves near the Mordet Wastes..
  • P.A. 8: The Elves put up a bloody resistance, but it is quelled quickly by the Illyricans. To ensure no further riots impede progress, the Empire instates writs of servitude— legal slavery.
  • P.A. 10: With Yo’sheran, now Hammercross, under control, the Illyricans march on Tostranis. Full fledged war begins and lasts years.
  • P.A. 0-20: The Awakening is believed to have occurred around this time.
  • P.A. 66: Tostranis is eventually seized after a prolonged and bloody war that lasts years.
  • P.A. 122: War of Chains begins and ends, with casualties on each side at a scale never seen before.
  • P.A. 124: Sanctions against necromancy and mind manipulation are created. Both are heavily policed.
  • P.A. 124-698: Extended era of peace, only minor conflicts. “Minor” conflicts…
  • P.A. 698 – Current year.



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