The Hunt for Old Bottles' Key

Life in Undertown is short and dark.

Warring tribes of Deep Ones squabble over limited resources in a desperate bid for survival. Inhabitants often die of starvation or disease. Being well fed is considerably better than being wealthy. The Deep Ones have lived for centuries off of the bounties hidden away in vaults of the Infinite Hollows. Crime is rampant — though crime is difficult to define with no government — and rival crime syndicates are one of the only ways the inhabitants of Undertown ensure they get the portions they need.

Deep Ones live in a constant state of squalor. Centuries old buildings are constantly built and rebuilt on top of one another. There is very little room to expand, and a family of dozens could live in a single room house.


Things that would be commonplace on the surface are completely alien to the cave-dwellers — metal coins, anything made of wood, and animals that couldn’t thrive in a cave. Instead, the Deep Ones make do with crude analogues. They’ll use the bones and hides of long-dead creatures instead of wood or string. Plants are rarely green, animals are usually small rodents and pale or albino. Mushrooms make up the majority of the Deep Ones’ diet.

Everybody in Undertown — and everybody a Deep One has ever known — has lived their life in nearly complete darkness. Many inhabitants have adjusted to the conditions and can see particularly well in dim light. However, for those who do not have Darkvision, goggles made of magically enhanced crystals are ubiquitous. In public areas, illumination crystals called “Lumes” shed a constantly dim pale green light. Lumes are rather expensive to create, and often are stolen by the crime syndicates where they are traded for provisions or the colored Stones that act as currency in Undertown. Fire is rarely used, as pockets of explosive gas in the tunnels often claim the lives of careless explorers.


You are a Deep One, a member of the myriad races stranded deep beneath the surface. Your mission is to find Old Bottles’ Key, an artifact that is said to open a vault in your home den of Ozukai. Years of exploring the Infinite Hollows has narrowed down your search, and now you and your friends are on the hunt once more.

But creepy stuff happens in Nowhere, it’s up to Courage to save his new home!

But the further one goes into the Infinite Hollows, the stranger things get. Huge creatures make homes of the larger cavities in the stone. Unspeakable horrors prowl the dark passages of the tunnels. The breath of the gods can make huge bodies of water rise and fall without warning in the tunnels. The unluckiest of Deep Ones encounter the Darkrin, the legendary phenomenon that is said to warp the bodies of its victims, permanently maiming them.


But if you manage to find the key, your families will be wealthy beyond measure. Your hometown will flourish, and the syndicates will finally be beaten back.

Are you up to it? Are you tenacious and clever enough to find the relic that will breath life back into your society? Find out this Saturday, in:

The Hunt for Old Bottles’ Key

The Hunt for Old Bottles' Key

Almorath Aeseri